Evita Sofa

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A pinnacle of luxury and sophistication, meticulously crafted to elevate your living space to new heights of elegance. With its sleek, modern design and opulent aesthetic, the Evita Sofa exudes an air of contemporary luxury that is sure to captivate the senses. Adorned with exquisite mirrors on the sides, the Evita Sofa effortlessly blends functionality with glamour, creating a striking focal point in any room. Reflecting light and space, the mirrors add a touch of brilliance, enhancing the sofa's allure and creating an atmosphere of refined luxury.

CUSTOMIZABLE (Please Call +1 703-559-5596 For More Information)
Dimensions: -
Made in Turkey
Velvet Upholstery
Oak Tree Base 
Please note that custom order wait time is 3-4 months  

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