When shopping for pet-friendly furniture at Home Store Furniture in Fairfax, VA, prioritize durable materials like microfiber, microsuede, and distressed leather. Opt for practical designs, such as storage ottomans and stilted furniture, to keep your home clean and stylish. Explore pieces with built-in pet beds or litter box enclosures for added convenience. Balance durability with style to create a welcoming space for both you and your pets.

Pet-Friendly Furniture: Stylish Solutions for Homes with Pets

While pets are a great addition to any home, they can do some damage to furniture. This is why pet owners, as they browse furniture stores, like Home Store Furniture in Fairfax, VA (and indeed, as they search for a "furniture store near me"), must analyze the durability and practicality of furniture pieces about the pet hosting home in which they are stowed. The following post will look at durable and stylish pet-friendly furniture to make sure your home is not only nice for you but also for all four-legged residents who live with you.

Embracing Durability with Style – Discount Furniture Fairfax

With pet-friendly furniture, you often must sacrifice design for durability. But so long as you are willing to slide a glove onto your hand anyway, that same durability doesn't have to result in a boring design. The furniture market has changed and now there are a lot of places selling sturdy, but chic pieces. Choosing fabrics is key. Choose performance or commercial-grade fabrics, which can take the extra beating. 

What is Microfiber/Microsuede and why is it good for pet owners: Microfiber (or microsuede) is a synthetic fabric that mimics the texture of suede, but with less scratching (means cats will find it boring!) Plus - it's soft to sleep on.

A third material, hopefully not ubiquitous within a living room due to its propensity to show scratches, is leather; this upholstery cleans up easily and does not harbor everyday odors as some lesser materials do. Consider something even nicer, such as distressed leather that will be almost as good as new every time you stick your nails into it. Similarly, vegan leather is now available in some furniture stores that can be scratch and stain-resistant besides being animal-friendly.

Function and Form: Design meets Pet-Friendly

Other than materials, design and functionality are also critical when it comes to pet-friendly furniture. An ottoman with storage, for instance, can discretely store pet toys when guests are over, and can additionally double as a footrest.

Make sure you also take the form of furniture into consideration (especially if there will be cats involved). This is a great region for a variety of reasons; cats love to climb so the built-in wall shelves and tall bookcases can bring that sense of territory, in addition to being useful. Similarly, opt for furniture that is easier to vacuum beneath or has a stilted look where pet hair isn't given the opportunity to accumulate in hard-to-reach spots.

In fact, there is also furniture made specifically for pets. Browse local furniture retailers such as Furniture store Fairfax VA, and you'll see sofa designs with built-in pet beds or side tables that seamlessly integrate cat litter box enclosures. This is why we love these smart designs that help you keep your space stylish without compromising your pet's comfort or your convenience.

Pet-friendly furniture combines fashion and function ideally. It is a great comfort for pet owners, without compromising the interior of the house. When shopping at Home Store Furniture in Fairfax or searching for the “furniture store near me” online for pet-friendly designs, remember to look at kitchen furniture not only based on fabric and color but also designs that both family members would appreciate. There are so many more options available today when it comes to dog clothing, and after all, you needn't let your sense of style go completely just because of the dogs.

Keep in mind too that while furniture can be designed to be durable, it also helps to have a regular grooming routine for pets so there is less shedding, and to have claws trimmed back a bit so the scratching damage done on furniture is minimal. At the end of the day, a design-friendly pet home is all about balance — meeting the needs of everyone in the environment and designing a stylish yet homely space that will last.




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